DOCPACE Integration Workflow

DOCPACE utilizes Redox for all integrations. Redox is a full-service integration platform for technology-enabled healthcare organizations. Their engine supports secure, bidirectional data exchange using any standard or protocol, from HL7 to FHIR to vendor-specific APIs--and everything in between. For more information on Redox, please visit

DOCPACE will listen in on a SIU HL7v2 interface or corresponding web service for new appointment updates. Through that pull, they will also retrieve patient information such as name, patient demographics, patient identifiers, appointment times, as well as provider name.

DOCPACE integrates with EHR systems to send real-time text messages to patients the day of their appointment updating them on any delays for their scheduled appointment time.  DOCPACE will also display current office wait times in the practice waiting room. 

Project Requirements

  • VPN or web service connection between Redox and the EHR

  • Active outbound SIU HL7v2 interface or corresponding web services

Integration FAQs.png

1) Will we need to install anything on the practice’s machines?

- No, DOCPACE is run entirely on provided iPads. 

2)   What are the DOCPACE infrastructure demands?  

a) Hardware - Manager iPad, Waiting Room iPad, & iPad stand

b) Software - Web app run entirely on the iPads using the browser

c) Network - Standard WiFi Network

(Please refer to the DOCPACE Integration Guide for a more detailed architecture diagram)

3)   What are the bandwidth requirements to support DOCPACE?

- At this time, we do not have an actual bandwidth requirement as it will vary case by case.  However, we don’t anticipate DOCPACE requiring a significant portion of your networks bandwidth but this is contingent on the quality of your network.

4)   How does DOCPACE support open access scheduling (walk ins)?

- DOCPACE is event driven, meaning any changes in the EMR’s data are sent to DOCPACE on average

5)  DOCPACE Framework - How is each practice data stored separately?

- Data for every practice we provide service for will be stored within our single database. All practice information is associated with its owning practice.

6) Why are we storing PHI?

- For basic functionality. We store basic provider, appointment and patient information. We can elaborate on this if needed.

7)  How are you storing PHI from our scheduling system?

- In an encrypted database.

8)  How are you getting rid of the PHI from our scheduling system?

- The practice should define how they want us to dispose of PHI and how often. 

9)  Can we adjust the frequency in which the data is being transmitted?  

- Yes, the frequency in which the data is being transmitted as well as which data will be constantly updated are all configurable  Not at this time but if needed it’s a feature we could add in the future.

10)  In the instance we have multiple patients with the same name, is there an additional patient identifier?

- Yes, an additional patient identifier of your practice choosing can be added to both the waiting room iPad as well as the manager iPad We don’t have a way to distinguish between them right now but it’s something we can account for later.

11)  Who can have an appointment assigned to them?

- Anyone who you can assign appointments to in the EMR system (all healthcare providers). Which providers are shown is also selective. So you can choose to show 3 of the 5 providers if you want.

12)  How is the data encrypted at rest?

- At rest, your data is encrypted with the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm.

13)  How is the data encrypted in transit?

- In transit, your data is encrypted with SSL/TLS and/or a VPN connection.

14)  How well does DOCPACE work if the internet goes up and down frequently?

- DOCPACE will automatically reconnect to the internet when it’s available and automatically get any updates that happened while it was disconnected.

15)  We don’t like the DOCPACE stands, can we have a different one?

- Absolutely, we can assist you in finding a stand more suitable for your practice needs

16) Can we show the waiting room website on a TV?

- Not at the moment but something we could possibly do in the future.