“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.”

- Ernest Hemingway


Listen, because it all started with listening… listening to patient complaints, listening to hospital struggles, listening to doctor frustrations… and acting on the things I was hearing because I care about the convenience of healthcare.  

I listened. And I am responding with DOCPACE. An innovative solution to improve communication between doctors and patients through real-time updates of office wait time via text messaging and waiting room monitors. This is the solution patients have been waiting for, they are tired of waiting to see their doctor. This is the solution hospitals have been eagerly searching for, they are struggling to meet required patient satisfaction scores. This is the solution doctors have been hoping for, they are frustrated with unpredictable delays and the inability to easily communicate with patients prior to appointment visits. Healthcare is an essential part of our lives and it should be as convenient as possible.   

Four years ago, after graduating from Southern Methodist University and spending a semester at Texas Health Resources Presbyterian Hospital, I decided to create the solution I had been dreaming of. After many doctor interviews and legal due diligence, I found that people backed my idea and didn’t understand why it didn’t exist. So I set myself to my goal. I graduated Business School, I worked with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and I found the best team of developers. Now, three years later and with a much stronger understanding of HIPAA and HITECH, the DOCPACE product is just around the corner. With the help of my amazing team, our young & energetic mindset has helped persevere through the ups and downs.

Our plan is to launch locally in New Orleans in the Spring of 2019. New Orleans is my home and so I want it to be the home of DOCPACE. New Orleans has been #1 for job growth in the Healthcare Industry from 2007-2017. I have hired numerous people into New Orleans and I can only hope for my work family to grow here. In the back of my mind I am always thinking about how I can help this amazing city thrive and what’s better than growing a healthcare tech company from the ground up here!?

So listen to me and you’ll see with DOCPACE we can make a difference, we care about you and we understand what you need.

- A message from the Founder, Shelby Sanderford