Shelby Sanderford, Founder

A passionate, 26-year old improving healthcare for both physicians and patients. She is a New Orleanian and a graduate of Isidore Newman class of 2010. She is also an alum of Southern Methodist University where she got her BS degree in Applied Physiology and Enterprise in 2014. She continued her education at Tulane University to receive her Master’s in Business Administration in 2017. Her long-term goal is to improve healthcare in such a way that it becomes a carefree priority. She plans to do this by making healthcare as efficient, convenient and transparent as possible.

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Dana Farris, Software Application Engineer

A 27-year old Health IT expert with a true passion for improving healthcare through advanced technology.  She grew up mostly in Dallas, TX and currently resides in New Orleans, LA. She is an alum of U T Arlington where she received her BS in Biology in 2013.  She continued her education and received her Master’s in Healthcare Administration with a concentration in Informatics in 2017.  She also is a pharmacy technician by trade.  She is super excited to be part of the DOCPACE team!

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Lindsey Gengo, Sales Associate  

Lindsey, also an alum of Southern Methodist University, has over seven years of sales experience. She has started two Medical Equipment companies in Texas and is now an integral part of the DOCPACE sales force.  People say, “She’ll talk to the wall and the wall will talk back!” 


Kathryn Skuba, Sales & Strategy Consultant

Kathryn is a sales and business development specialist with over 20 years experience. She is passionate about New Orleans and growing businesses in her home town. When she’s not leading a sales team you can catch her indoor cycling classes at Tour Cycle Studio or find her at Creole Creamery with her 5 year old triplets. She loves espresso and she’s jazzed to be a part of the DOCPACE team!

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Brice Sanderford, Sales & Marketing Director 

Brice helps develop content and strategy for the marketing and social media departments of DOCPACE. He’s also Shelby’s older brother. He has worked in marketing and sales for over ten years and has helped build campaigns for many global brands such as Coke, Budweiser, and Chevy. His favorite things to do include cooking, listening to live music, and not having to wait to see his doctor.


Cirtual LLC, Software Engineer Consultants

Cirtual LLC is a team of young software engineers who took on the responsibility of developing DOCPACE. Although this is not the first product they have released to the market, they told us that there are plenty of reasons why they are passionate about this project. From left to right, Thomas Douglas - Chief Technology Officer - I’m passionate about DOCPACE because it allowed us to step into the realm of healthcare and bring scalable and reliable software that we’re proud to create. Nick Zayatz - Chief Product Officer - I really like this project because we have a great amount of control over product specs and how the end user sees what we have created. Michael Newton - Chief Information Officer - My favorite part about DOCPACE is the unique challenges that it presented and how we were able to tackle them one by one, all things from protecting patient data under HIPAA to time zones for appointments are meticulously designed and implemented. Reza Moghtaderi - Chief Executive Officer - I couldn’t be more proud of the work we’ve done together with the DOCPACE team to put out a product that actually saves people’s time and make them feel better.