DOCPACE was founded in 2014 to create a System solution that ultimately aligns the interests of Healthcare Providers, Staff, Patients & Payers.

The demands are higher, the expectations are changing, the penalties are increasing, and the market fragmentation is growing. The technology advancements outpaced the regulatory landscape. Plus, other industries have set the standard and expectation for quality service. Through all of this change it seems we have lost site of the most crucial piece of the puzzle, Patients needs.

If we evaluate the success of operations, those that are built on the foundation and importance of understanding the needs of customers, we see positive growth. So why have Patients needs become so disjointed?

Because it’s impossible for humans to run enough calculations to satisfy the needs of all the moving parts and players. With the tools and resources available, compromises must be made.

DOCPACE was built to re-align the players, to eliminate the compromises, to prioritize the Patients needs and to get to the root cause of Providers, Staff and Payers problems.

Solving Patient problems by solving Providers, Staff & Payers problems.

our vision

We envision a Healthcare world where Providers don't have to choose between high-volume care and high-value care. The story has always been either serve as many Patients as possible or deliver a high value experience to a lower volume of Patients.

At DOCPACE we don't believe you have to make that decision. We deliver a care model that enables Providers to both serve high-volumes of Patients AND deliver a high value experience to Patients.

This starts with re-aligning the interests of Healthcare Providers and Healthcare Consumers, which is possible when you deliver care based on data and artificial intelligence.

The solution is scheduling based on the needs of Patients as individuals, which ultimately maximizes Provider time utilization and efficiency within a practice.

Serve higher volumes of Patients with better quality of care.

our mission

Our mission is to align the interests of Healthcare Providers and Healthcare Consumers and enable high-volume practices to deliver high-value care. Our proprietary, patent pending platform and analytics software is used to identify idle time and help practices replace that time with billable hours.

Our Artificial Intelligent System and predictive tool enables Providers to effectively serve their Patients, which not only increases Patient satisfaction but also maximizes Patient throughput.

Keep schedules full and waiting rooms empty.

Solving problems

only DOCPACE can fix.

So providers can focus on solving patients problems.