Frequently Asked Questions

Is DOCPACE HIPAA compliant?

Yes. All aspects of the DOCPACE software, integration, and data storage are HIPAA compliant.

How does DOCPACE integrate with our scheduling system?

DOCPACE is globally integrated with AthenaHealth and can be seamlessly turned on if your practice is using AthenaHealth. If you are not currently using AthenaHealth, let’s chat about the best way to get DOCPACE up and running in your practice.

Will we need to install anything on the practice’s premises or computer?

No, DOCPACE is entirely web-based requiring no site visit or added equipment.

What is required to run DOCPACE?

Standard WiFi is required. The web application runs entirely on a secure site and is optimized for all major web-browsers.

How is each practice’s data stored?

Data for every practice we service will be stored within our single database. Information for each practice is stored separately.

How often does the data sync to DOCPACE from the EMR?

DOCPACE is continuously syncing with the practice's EMR every few seconds to make sure all data is in real-time.

What if we don’t have a wait problem?

First, congratulations! Your patients must greatly appreciate that. Second, we find that even if an appointment is running on time the patient still appreciates the notice. Just think, when you book travel you still want to know if your flight is on time. Our technology works the same way.