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New Orleans startup aims to minimize hospital wait times

“Our goal is to communicate office wait time to patients via text messaging and waiting room monitors to help eliminate wait time for patients,” Sanderford said. “Very similar to what airlines do for flight status, we’re doing for appointment status.”

- Tulane Universtiy, Freeman School of Business

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“There was an inability to reach patient satisfaction scores, and that causes these big health systems to lose millions of dollars every year through their Medicare reimbursement,” she says.

- Biz New Orleans Magazine


Profiles in Health 2019

Shelby Sanderford knows firsthand the issues communication missteps can cause in a hospital—after working in one and seeing the problems arise, she knew there was a solution.

- myNewOrleans.com


Passion Ignited by a Purpose

“Access and efficiency, stemming from misalignment of interests between Providers and Consumers are two of the biggest challenges that exist in the current healthcare market,” says Shelby Sanderford, Founder of DOCPACE. Providers aim to see more patients and patients would like to be seen on time. “The two interests work against each other, so what DOCPACE is doing is allowing Providers to see X number of patients per a day by providing a platform to notify patients of delays in appointment start time. It’s a win-win.”

- Technology Innovators, Top 50 Healthcare Technology CEOs of 2019