Q&A with Shelby Sanderford, CEO, DOCPACE

Shelby Sanderford, CEO Docpace

Shelby Sanderford, CEO of DOCPACE, sheds light on the transformative role of effective communication in enhancing patient experience. Let's delve into her insights on balancing technology with the deeply human aspect of medical care.

How do you believe clear communication impacts the overall patient experience in today’s digital health landscape?

“Seeking care can be a scary and stressful experience for patients, from navigating to a new place to wondering what answers will be shared to wondering how the visit will be paid. There are lots of uncertainties. Communicating is an easy way to give people a level of comfort they are familiar with and used to receiving in every other aspect of their life. If you can receive an update on when your pizza is in the oven and out for delivery, your doctor should certainly be doing the same.”

In the age of digital transformation, how does DOCPACE help a practice’s schedule adherence while maintaining quality patient care?

“Every visit is as unique as the patient seeking care, making scheduling and managing visits difficult. In reality, appointments are not always as cookie-cutter as 15 and 30-minute block scheduling makes them out to be. DOCPACE allows appointments and schedules to be variable throughout the day while not overloading the staff with tasks. We help patients arrive at the right time and allocate the right time for each visit.”

How do you see the relationship between trust-building initiatives, such as on-time appointments and transparent communication, influencing patient loyalty and long-term engagement?

“People appreciate feeling cared for, especially when they are seeking care. It’s the outcome they are expecting. In most cases, if one gets what they expect, they’ll be a repeat customer. For example, if I book a 3 p.m. appointment, I expect to have a 3 p.m. appointment, not a 3:30 p.m. one. If the doctor updates me and tells me I can experience less wait time if I show up at 3:25 pm, I feel my time has been respected and what to expect has been communicated.”

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